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EPD170LGR Blue Special Package - Buy 5 Get 1 Free!

$13,500.00 AUD + GST
$14,850.00 AUD Inc. GST

Product Details

The Ecor Pro EPD170LGR is a robust low grain refrigerant dehumidifier. It is an industrial product that is ideal for restoration and construction drying and other demanding applications. Low grain dehumidifiers continue to remove water from a space, even when the relative humidity is very low. This level of performance is what makes them so suited to flood recovery and trade. You can use this Ecor Pro dehumidifier continuously. It has an operating temperature range of 4°C to 38°C and a maximum extraction rate of 80-litres. It also has a single fan speed of 420m3/hr, offering consistency and reliability at all times. The Ecor Pro EPD170LGR uses an integrated water pump that can lift to 3.5m and comes with a 12m push-fit drainage hose. You can use to it draw moisture out of basements and trenches as easily as you can from ground level spaces. You can also duct the side air outlet, allowing for focused spot drying, and use in tented areas for faster drying times. Available Stock in Blue and Yellow.

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• Ideal for Restoration Industry & Construction Industry
• 80 Litre Low Grain Refrigerant Compressor Dehumidifier 220V / 50Hz
• Integral pump lifting water to 3.5m / 11ft
• Free Standing, Can be stacked, Folding drag handle
• Rotor Moulded Plastic Construction
• Side Dry Air Out for Focus Drying

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