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Customer Testimonials

For one of my clients my team was struggling to find right specs to reuse a part of older Ventilation System and integrate with newer MIA models. AeroAir made sure me and my team had everything in place. We received great after sale support. Great customer service.
Jonathan R
Business Owner
Restoration & Renovation Industry
We ordered air purification solution from AeroAir and couldn't be more happier with the outcome. Our interior air quality systems were long overdue for an overhaul and AeroAir's professional expertise and support gave us complete visibility over our options and to pick the best options within our budget.
Patricia H
Procurement Head
Retail Industry
I contacted AeroAir team during setting up of our new unit and we felt we took the right decision right from the start. Our floor had high degree of worker friendly air quality environment right from the beginning of this unit. A job well done at the end of the day!
Anthony C
Business Owner
Metal Fabrication Industry
We had a very specific requirement of maintaining indoor air quality at a very narrow temperature range in some areas because of our speciality menus along with indoor air purification requirement. AeroAir's team was helpful in customizing a solution for us and within budget. We are very happy with the outcome.
Ben T
Small Business Owner
Food Industry

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DH800 8L Desiccant Dehumidifier
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Flood restoration usng mini dehumidifier desiccant technology [Tent drying with DH2500 dehumidifier]
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Adsorption dehumidifier placed outside drying tent [DH2500 PRO setup for pressure positive drying]
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Dehumidifier controls for a refrigerant dehumidifier [Controls for a EPD100LGR]

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