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About AeroAir

Aeroair is a specialist provider of world class dessicant dehumidification, ventilation, air cleaners and scrubbers. AeroAir works with specialty restoration, storage, agriculture, residential, and commercial applications where moisture and humidity control is of high concern. These include galleries and museums, wine cellars, swimming pools, kitchens and horticultural buildings.

We have a reputation of 20 years of excellence, experience and trust in the industry, with our sales and technicians deeply experienced in industry and on the job advice for you.

We have over 50 models and for a variety of applications. Our many customers come from the restoration, woodfloor, timber, construction, building, flooring, paper, pest and agriculture industries. Contact us for expert advice for application and choice of equipment.

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Leaders in Remediation, Restoration and Indoor Air Quality Solutions

AeroAir is a specialist provider of indoor air quality, remediation, humidity control and dust management solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. These include renovations and restorations, offices, retail, storage, galleries and museums, wine cellars, swimming pools, kitchens and horticultural buildings. We also have over 25 years' experience in flood and bush fire disaster recovery and remediation solutions.
AeroAir has an extensive range of world class desiccant dehumidification, fans and ventilation systems, air cleaners, air scrubbers and dust management solutions.
AeroAir is part of the Bulcs Holdings group, a leading distributor of indoor air quality, remediation and restoration solutions across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Bulcs Holdings partners with leading global suppliers to offer the best products and solutions for the industry.
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