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Air Oasis - iAdaptAir® Medium Air Purifier

$860.00 AUD + GST
$946.00 AUD Inc. GST

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Dust Guard
The washable dust guard removes large particles to help
extend the life of the HEPA filter.

Advanced True HEPA Filter
Removes smoke, dust, pollen, dander and other allergycausing
particulates as small as 0.3 microns.

Mass Absorbtion Carbon Filter
Carbon air filtration has been used for more than a
century to absorb vapors, odours and volatile organic

AHPCO™ Filter
Destroys tiny mycotoxins, mould, bacteria, viruses and
VOCs that survive the HEPA and carbon filter stages of

Bi-Polar® Ionisation
Creates positive & negative ions which seek out and
reduce contaminants such as particulates, mold, bacteria,
viruses and VOCs on a molecular level both in the air and
on surfaces.

UVGI (UV Germicidal Light)
Sterilises biological contaminants such as mould, bacteria,
and viruses.

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