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Air Scrubber Cleaner MAXVAC DB700 with 700m3/hr Air Flow

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Product Details

Ultimate Airborne dust extraction with the Dustblocker DB700 Air scrubber cleaners from MAXVAC for the home owner, trade and hire industry. The DB700 has been designed for use in the renovation and flood restoration. It is fitted with a high efficiency motor with HEPA filtration and a metal guard to protect the filters as is usual with all the Dustblocker units. It is very easy to stack and store and very robust with a roto-moulded housing. For maximum flexibility, the DB700 dust extractor can effectively be operated when mounted both in vertical and/or horizontal position. The air scrubber is designed to accept a 16 inlet flexible duct and 10 lay flat outlet duct for a variety of operating set-up options.

Product Videos

• Carry Handle
• Metal Guard to Protect Filters
• Easy Operation
• High Efficiency Motor with HEPA Filtration
• Roto-Moulded Housing
• Accept 16 Inlet Duct and 10 Lay Flat Outlet Duct
• Stackable and Easy to Move
• Compact and Elegant Design

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