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Air Scrubber Cleaner MAXVAC DB300 with 300m3/hr Air Flow Rate

$1,291.74 AUD + GST
$1,420.91 AUD Inc. GST

Product Details

A must have for every kitchen or bathroom fitter, plumber, electrician, decorator The Dustblocker 300 is a compact stand-alone air cleaner specially designed for the tradesman, or DIY enthusiast to effectively deal with the perpetual dust generated by renovation, re-modelling, or simply every day heavy traffic in the home or office. Built into the worlds most popular modular tool storage system, this incredible little unit which is compact and can clean an incredible amount of dust from the air hour, either by re-circulation through an integral Hepa 13 air filter or by extraction through an easily extendable flexible duct which comes complete with an adaptor that plugs straight into the typical vent or WC pipe (found in kitchens and bathroom refurbishments) and stows neatly inside, where there is also ample room for the power lead and a few tools. Used in this way, during a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment, the unit creates a negative air pressure in the room and prevents dust circulating through the rest of the property. This excellent quality unit is built to last and integrate perfectly with the modern day tradesman’s tool kit in this modular safe stacking system. It is robust enough to stand on.

Product Videos

• Carry Handle
• Metal Guard to Protect Filters
• Easy Operation
• High Efficiency Motor with HEPA Filtration
• Roto-Moulded Housing
• Flexible Duct
• Stackable and Easy to Move
• Compact and Elegant Design

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