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EPTB2 200 200 m3/h - Ecor Pro 117CFM Turbine Blower

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• Ideal for power drying under floors, in-wall cavities and ceilings – preserving plaster dry wall and flooring
• 200m3/h (117CFM) giving up to 260 mbar (26 kilo pascals) and 1100W / 1.5 HP
• Designed for small to medium sized drying assignments as a stand alone or to boost dehumidifier performance
• Works on 110V 50Hz or 220V 50Hz automatically
• Mild Steel Inside & Out with Tough Epoxy Paint Finish
• Highy Compact and Easy Stacking with associated dehumidifiers (EPD200 / DH35XX or the EPD300 / DH55XX)

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