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EPD50-RESTO: DryFan Desiccant Dehumidifier for Restoration Professionals Wifi App Enabled

$2,135.00 AUD + GST
$2,348.50 AUD Inc. GST

Product Details

COMING SOON! Desiccant dehumidifier designed for industrial processes 26 pint / 13 litre maximum water extraction.  For flood restoration professionals in all world markets. Well-suited for applications where excess moisture needs to be removed from the air without producing condensate water where freezing may be an issue or industrial reliability is needed.

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•  Condensate-Free Operation: doesn’t produce condensate water
•  Moisture Venting: Moisture is vented away from the machine
•  Voltage Options: Available in both 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz
•  Auto Power Reset: In case of power interruption, it can reset itself to the previous settings.
•  Installation Options: For wall or ceiling mounting, even upside down
•  IP24 Rating: Indicating its resistance to splashes of water from various directions
•  Compact Design: Compact and stackable, with a carrying handle for easy portability. stainless marine-grade
•  WiFi Control and Monitoring: With WiFi functionality, the dehumidifier offers advanced monitoring capabilities

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