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ECOR EPD300 DryFan 300 Pints Desiccant Dehumidifier

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Product Details

The EPD300 RESTO 50 Litre is a industrial desiccant dehumidifier unit ideal  for the flood and water damage professional, temporary humidity control, museums, research laboratories, dry air storage, small production processes, stores, sports halls, and manufacturing plants. EPD300 RESTO made of steel construction with tough epoxy paint finish and marine grade stainless steel cover.

Product Videos

• Ideal Flood Dryer Designed for the Restoration Industry
• Extraction 50 litres/day AHAM; 60 liters/day maximum extraction
• Equivalent to a typical 170 Litre Refrigerant Industrial Dehumidifier
• Small compared to competition models of similar capacity. Will dry 24/7. Dries down to -20°Cand up to 40°C
• Bluetooth Asset Tracker Built In, Low Voltage Controls for Site Safety, Remote Monitoring Capability
• Four Hole Capable for Fast Energy Efficient Drying Minimising Carbon Footprint

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