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DH2500 INOX ECOR Dry 25 Inox DryFan 35 Litre Stainless Desiccant Dehumidifier

$4,400.00 AUD + GST
$4,840.00 AUD Inc. GST

Product Details

The Ecor Pro DH2500 INOX 35 Litre is a compact, robust, high capacity desiccant dehumidifier. It is specifically designed to perform well on boats, marine environments and other area with extreme, challenging and diverse conditions. Marine dehumidifiers protect all types of waterborne vessels such as yachts and boats, plus sailing equipment. They ensure that they are not damaged by damp, mould and corrosion. Damaged equipment can be dangerous to use and can be expensive to repair or replace. Boat dehumidifiers are ideal for drying the hull or cabin of a vessel, and shipyard buildings. They are also perfect for drying sails, ropes, and clothes quickly. The stainless steel construction of the DH2500 INOX dehumidifier gives it a level of corrosion resistance that can not be matched by traditional dehumidifiers made from domestic grade metals.

Product Videos

• Ideal for Flood Restoration, Dry Stores & Property Protection
• 35 litre Stainless steel Desiccant Dehumidifier 220V / 50Hz
• Free Standing or Installed
• Stainless Steel Inside & OutTough Enough Even for Hiring or Restoration
• 4 Hole Dehumidifier (2 separate fans inside - one for process air, one for regen air)
• Perfect for any climate

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