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Dust Tool: Waletale Mixing Bucket Dust Extraction Attachment

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Product Details

The Waletale easily fits onto the rim of most mixing buckets and when connected to a suitable vacuum with M or H class filtration, it enables the safe collection of often hazardous airborne dusts created during mixing operations

Product Videos

  • Compatible with most vacuum cleaners
  • Simply turn on the wet/dry vacuum, slot the WaleTale onto the bucket rim and you’re ready to mix
  • Eliminates dust from mixing mortar and grout in buckets
  • Does not allow dust to escape the top of the bucket
  • WaleTale is the first tool engineered to address the negative effects of the inhalation of free crystalline silica in the work environment
  • Available with 6mm and 12mm slots for different rim sizes
  • Cuts down on clean up time

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