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ASD-UAH: UNIVERSAL AIR MOVER HEATER 6,138 BTU’s Heater attached to Universal Air Mover

$475.00 AUD + GST
$522.50 AUD Inc. GST

Product Details

The Universal Air Mover Heater is made to make any axial or centrifugal fan into a heater and with adjustable poles this portable heater adjusts to the width of your Fan and converts it to a heater. Our patent-pending DE Universal Air Mover Heater is the most powerful heater for an air mover on the market right now. You can mount these powerful heating elements on just about any air mover. With an amazing 6,138 Btu’s full-power heat, it’s an excellent addition to any restoration professional’s toolbox. You can use it to help with the structural drying of any area or add it to an existing thermal drying system for areas that are harder to dry out.

Product Videos

• 6,138 BTU’s of Heat
• 1800 Watts
• 2 Heating Elements (2 plugs)
• 3.75 Amps per Element (7.5 total Amps)
• Made to attach to a fan
• Adjustable Thermostat

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