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AeroAir Electric Heat Drying System, 20,000 BTUs - 425 cm3 /hr (250 CFM) Electric Drying System

$4,550.00 AUD + GST
$5,005.00 AUD Inc. GST

Product Details

ELECTRIC HEAT DRYING SYSTEM is a high-power heater, suitable for drying in flood restoration, such as “drying the subfloor”. This heater is equipped with overheat protection. When the temperature is too high, the machine will stop working, effectively preventing dangerous accidents. Using Shell fire-retardant material, even if the temperature is too high, it will not burn and cause a fire. High energy efficiency and low noise. This powerful, portable and safe electric heater brings you a different experience. It is the best choice for work sites that require heating. The drying process is very fast and you can trust it completely.

Product Videos

• SAA approved

• Compact Size

• Lightweight

• Low noise

• High energy efficiency

• Efficient heat dissipation

• Big LCD display

• Enclosed Elements

• Simplified user controls

• Stackable and easy to transport

• ON/OFF Rocker

• Easy Filter Replacement

• Multi Plug

• Remote Control

• Optional Flex Duct

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